CPA - AUD Study Notes

I've been working on a new website and I just launched it! All my notes are now available at

Good luck studying!


In my opinion, this is the trickiest of the 4 sections. Every answer came down to 2 answer choices. That's because the majority of answers are qualitative and the differences between the answers are one or two words. So really pay attention to the details in this section.

AUD - Study Notes 1

AUD - Study Notes 2

AUD - Study Notes 3

AUD - Study Notes 4

AUD - Study Notes 5

AUD Formula Sheet Mini Test

Here are the updates for 2009


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Outline. Its very helpful. Do you have any study advice for me? I take the exam on Friday. Thanks

dharani said...

I used your study notes for my Audit preparation and found it very helpful . Thank you for the great work .

I will be taking REG next and that will be my last section of the CPA exam.

Based on what year book did you prepare the notes .
Any tips and advice on REG prep is appreciated.

cpacfa said...

Hi Dharani,

I purchased the books from Becker in early 2007. I don't have any specific insights or tips to REG. If you passed audit, use the same study regiment for REG. All the exams are a function of diligence, not intelligence.

dharani said...

I passed BEC and FARE . I took Audit last week . While studying for Audit I got to know about your study notes and I used it for my revision . It was helpful . I meant to ask you can I use your REG notes to take REG - CPA exam in November 08 or do you think there will be too many updates in 2008 . I mean do you update your notes . I dont expect u to update every thing but in general do you update your notes

Anonymous said...

Hi, Does your AUD note reflect the 2007 changes? THanks!

Anonymous said...


First, thank you very much for posting these notes. As for my question, I had the same question as the previous poster. Do these notes reflect the changes in 2007? If you could post this answer, I would greatly appreciate it.


cpacfa said...

In general, I don't update my notes. My outline reflects the material for exams I took in Feb 2007 to Aug 2007. However, Becker will list in their material which sections have changed from the previous year. They do this in case some of their students failed a section in 2007 and retakes the section in 2008. I apologize for any confusion.

Yao said...

Hi,Thanks so much for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
they are very very helpful!!!

Danush said...

Hi, we see that your CPA notes are removed now, can you share with us individually- Danush.
my email is

Anonymous said...


I took AUD yesterday and your notes helped a ton! I see the other sections notes are taken down. Can you email me them to my personal email? I would really appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

It's really a good stuff. Could you please send me a copy of audit notes to my email?

Anonymous said...


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Mrs. Tee said...

I am a little late in finding this blog. I am currently studying for AUD. Would the study material you have provoded be able to aid me in my studies? I am unsure if the test or material has changed much, if at all, between the original post date and now. Thanks so much..

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Ramachandran Gopalan said...

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Gregor Renk said...

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